Gene expression profile clustering

Microarray gene expression profiles, from Polo et al., were clustered using k-means. The y-axis is log2 fold-change from MEF. The only genes considered were those which underwent a fold change of at least 2, on any day. Mouse-over a profile to see the corresponding gene symbol, and screen p-value if available. Promoter enrichments for epigenetic marks indicative of active transcription were determined, based on a 4 state hidden Markov model (ChromHMM) of ChIP-seq data (Polo et al.). Gene promoters are annotated as either H3K4me3 enriched active, H3K27me3 enriched repressed, bivalent, or not-enriched. The probabilities of a screen hit belonging to a particular cluster, given its promoter state and the day, are tabulated in histograms. Click on the cluster ontology button to visualize functional annoations for that cluster.